7 Best Source Of Protein For Vegans

It is indeed a myth that a vegetarian meal isn’t rich in protein. It isn’t hard to meet the required protein content on a vegetarian diet for a vegan as well. The best source of protein for a vegan is very much easily accessible and available as well. Protein is a nutrient everyone must have abundant in their meal as it takes care of your skin, hair, and muscles.

Why Do We Need Protein?

Before we get into the protein contents on a vegan diet we must know why do we need protein nutrients. The importance of protein is so huge that without sufficient intake amino acids level can go down and could lead to great health issues. Protein is the building block of the body ensuring proper hair growth, skin development and of course muscle maintenance.

A meat-eater would have no health issue regarding protein as meat already possesses a complete array of amino acids; a vegetarian, Jain or vegan, on the other hand, would need to absorb a rainbow of foods to meet the protein requirements.

Now let us look into some of the protein-rich vegan foods

1. Nuts

best source of protein for a vegan
Nuts are rich in protein

There can not be a better source of protein for a vegan or a vegetarian apart from nuts. Almost all supermarkets have them. Be it cashews or badam or peanuts or almonds or pistachios. Considered to be adding fat but they are the powerhouse of unsaturated fat and protein.

For every 100grams of cashews, there is 18g of proteins while there are 6g of proteins in 100grams of almond and badam.

2. Soy

best source of protein for a vegan
Soy is rich in protein

It is a low-cost protein but highly rich in protein. Try cooking it as a bhurji added with masala to have it alongside your rotis or rice. Around 30 to 38 percent of calories are derived from protein in each gram of soy. Soy protein is considered to be the highest source of protein.

3. Lentils and Pulses

protein rich vegetarian food
Pulses and lentils are rich in protein

Considering the amount of dal consumption in India it is quite understandable how vegetarians get their share of proteins from. Around 9-10 grams of proteins are there in every 100grams of lentils.

Rajma-chawal boosts your protein intake like anything!

4. Quinoa

best source protein for a vegan
Quinoa is rich in protein

This plant-based seed is considered to be the alternative for the starchy rice and pasta. You can cook it up like an upma or a salad or add some veggies and have it as a pulao.

Quinoa extracts more than 14 grams of protein in every 100 grams, undoubtedly best for daily protein intake.

5. Plant-Based Seeds

best vegan source of protein
Sesame Seeds are rich in protein

Plant-based proteins like sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are one of the best sources of protein for a vegetarian/vegan.

Seeds being natural derives the most proteins compared to rest. Every 100 grams of Dried sunflower seeds consists of 21grams of proteins.

6. Green Peas

protein rich vegetarian food
Green Peas is rich in protein

Every 100 grams of green peas consists of 5grams of proteins. Yes, green peas are indeed a source of protein!

Adding these tasty small green balls to your diet adds up protein intake easily.

7. Peanut Butter

protein rich vegetarian food
peanut butter is rich in protein

There can’t be an easy way to boost your protein intake other than adding peanut butter to your diet. Crispy Peanut butter over your toasts for breakfast is a dream diet.

Every 100 grams of peanut butter consists of 25grams of proteins. So next time be generous when you apply them on your toast!

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