4 Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift Your Girlfriend

Perfumes are one of the best gifts that a man can give to a woman he treasures. Perfumes are an expression of elegance and style and this is truer in case of luxury perfumes. The fragrances of these perfumes are classic and timeless, they do not change with changing trends.

Finding the right perfume can be quite a daunting task, be it one for yourself or for someone else. Things you ought to remember while buying a perfume: There are basically three notes in the fragrance of a perfume. Top notes of a perfume vanish within fifteen minutes of its application and heart notes or middle notes stay for about thirty minutes before vanishing into the thin air. It’s base notes that stay for six to twenty-four hours depending on a fragrance’s density or brand’s claim. If you’re looking for the strongest, go for Eau de parfum (EDP) and if you are looking at something lighter, go for Eau de toilette (EDT).

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Well, there is no need to get intimidated by these terminologies. We are here to help you out to pick the perfect fragrance for your girlfriend. Presenting the best women’s perfumes for you to gift that is sure to score you major brownie points.

1. Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto EDP

If your girl is elegant and sophisticated, this perfume is the one. This fragrance based on floral and woody notes warmed by the strength of vanilla is sure to make a statement. This fragrance opens with a seductive orchestra of floral orchids that awaken your sense. Dark vanilla forms the heart of the perfume. The majestic woody base leaves a hypnotising effect and can be considered a sinful indulgence.

Price: INR 6175

Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift Your Girlfriend
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2. Skinn by Titan Womens Celeste Eau de Parfum

Skinn by Titan is a new entrant into the world of luxury perfumes and it is increasingly becoming a favourite. This perfume evokes the liveliness of a spring garden, with white floral notes and a touch of zing from peaches and pears. The fragrance embodies an essentially feminine and playful spirit. The top note combines the nectar of playful wildflowers including orange flower, tuberose and water-lily. The heart of the perfume is made with touches of mandarin and grapefruit, juicy green pear while the base note consisting of fruity apricot nectar leaves a sensuous yet playful aftereffect.

Price: INR 1995

Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift Your Girlfriend
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3. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst Eau de Toilette

The bottle of the perfume is as enticing as the perfume itself. The perfume exudes mystery and confidence like nothing else. The top note made of pink grapefruit combines a sensuous and feminine vibe. The heart of the perfume is made up of the exotic iris and Bulgarian rose. The heliotrope and woody note base notes are sure to cast its effect on people which will linger on for quite long.

Price : INR 4250

Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift Your Girlfriend
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4. Calvin Klein Eternity Now Women Eau de Parfum

This perfume will uplift your mood and days with a sensual touch. This musky fragrance will offer a burst of freshness followed by an exotic floral feel, and finally, a soft aroma will let you end your day with a happy mood. The top notes consisting of Lichi, Quince, and Sorbet is sure to brighten up your mood. The floral heart with the Peony, Peach Blossom, and Neroli aromas will spread its magic while mellowing down to a soft woody base.

Price: INR 5350

Best Luxury Perfumes To Gift Your Girlfriend
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So next time you are struggling with gifting ideas for your girlfriend, just get your hands on one of these perfumes and watch yourself get crowned as the “the boyfriend of the year”. You are welcome.

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