36 Best Haircuts For Indian Men – 2020 Edition

Most of the Indian people get inspired by celebrities to have the best haircuts for Indian men thinking that this would make them look like them. Well, this won’t make you more like your favorite star but it will surely break your traditional hairstyling habit. It is always good to experiment with things and especially your hair to try something new. But you may be worried, what if a certain hairstyle doesn’t suit? Well, if that’s the case then don’t worry as we have listed total nine different hairstyles that suit most of the hair type, height, face, etc. Just be a little smart and figure out the one that works the best for you. So let’s check out our list featuring the best haircuts for Indian men.

Best 9 Haircuts For Indian Men :

1. Short Smooth Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky haircuts for Indian men

First, one coming up in our list is Short Smooth Spiky Hairstyle. The best part about short hair is that it is very easy to manage and you won’t have to worry about having a regular check on it whether it is the same way you had adjusted in the morning. This hairstyle is actually a combination of both spikes and smooth hair which will add to your overall appeal.

Having this cool spiky hairstyle will give you a unique look. Another good part about this hairstyle is that it appears long in the front area with spikes and goes short in the back area. Feel free to experiment with this style at any time of the year.

2. Shoulder – Length Hairstyle

Shoulder - Length Hairstyle

This is among the most unique Haircuts for Indian Men that was once seen on Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Indian Cricket Team Player). In today’s time, the most popular Internet sensation, Bhuvan Bam holds this style. Trust me, when Bhuvan waves a hand in his shoulder-length hair it just looks so classy. The shoulder length hairstyle is a lot elegant and trendy these days.

Some of us may not want to have this hairstyle thinking that it would be very hard to manage such a long hair but trust me it is actually very easy to manage shoulder length hair making it one of best haircuts for Indian men. You can easily curl, wavy or just keep your hair straight. It’s all up to you my friend!

3. Short Dapper Hairstyle

Haircuts For Indian Men

If you are looking for something straight and simple which is also a little stylish then you should definitely go with this one! This hairstyle is very common among the professionals and fit guys as it keeps the hair neat with proper side trims. It also keeps your hair intact making sure that the small hairs don’t fall on your forehead.

4. Charming Side Parted Brushed Up Hairstyle

Parted Brushed Up Hairstyle

Some may argue with us that this hairstyle has gone out of trend and is not cool anymore but if you implement a few tweaks then you can get an outstanding output. Have a little-trimmed sides and properly set the back hairs, with a clean comb and good gel.

5. Relaxed Pompadour

Relaxed Pompadour haircuts for indian men

Alright, I have to say that this one is my favorite! It still rules today as it can easily goes with any normal or party wear. This hairstyle is also pretty much appreciated in formal events and places. Make sure that you have a good gel to keep the style intact for the rest of your day!

6. Men’s Wavy Undercut 

Wavy Undercut haircuts for indian men

This is good for the men who are gifted with curly hairs. This style portrays a little flirtatious look but it gives you an edge over the men who have straight hair. They can’t easily set up this hairstyle! Go and win over them!

7. Full Under Bunny Haircut

Full Under Bunny Haircuts for indian men

We remember that Shah Rukh Khan used to carry this hairstyle with pride. The bun hairstyle can not only be for girls but even for the smart men out there too! There’s a reason this is among the outstanding haircuts for Indian Men!

8. Simple Back Brushed Hairstyle

Simple Back Brushed Haircuts for indian men

This is another hairstyle for men who like keeping it simple! The back brushed hairlook will surely get you noticed for a clean and neat look. This hairstyle works best in any party or formal place and attracts attention of people towards you! Give a try to this simple yet classy hairstyle in our list of best haircuts for Indian men.

9. Retro Look 

If you are someone who wants to get it done with a little romantic and classy stuff then the retro Look will work for you. We can see Leonardo in the Titanic having this wonderful look. Just make sure that you have a gel to style your hair in the morning.

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