35 Best Brandy in India With Price Point

They say that ‘Whoever wants to be a hero ought to drink Brandy’. We might not have searched the phrase ” best brandy in India” ib google much because of our love for wine and vodka. However, with an average of around 35 – 60% ABV, brandy packs a serious punch.

Brandy is produced by distilling wine. The process of aging them happens in wooden casks while others are coloured with caramel colouring which is done to imitate the effect of aging, and some are produced using a combination of both. Since brandies are made from wine itself, most of them are grape-based, but they can also come from apple, pear and other types of fruits.  The term brandy is a shortening of Brandywine, which was derived from the Dutch word ‘brandewijn’ which means ‘burned wine’.

Cognacs are a special variant of brandy which is only made from white grapes. Not only that Cognac must also come from the Cognac region in Southwest France. So, now that we know enough trivia about brandies lets check out the best brandy in India.

1. St. Remy Authentic VSOP

This is a premier brandy which also a comparatively affordable one. It is one of the best brandies in India. It is a fine drink with a well balanced, smooth taste and distinctive French brandy character. St-Remy uses Eaux-de-vie distilled from eight grape varieties, which are aged 1-2 years.

Price: Rs 2190/litre

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -1

2. Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac

This beauty is an absolute show stopper. The legendary cognac Martell Cordon Bleu in an international emblem of excellence. The taste of this French cognac is endowed with beautiful complexity and richness and it is Ideal for special occasions,

Price: Rs. 12,820/70 cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -2

3. Hennessy Richard

Another premium and classic cognac. This cognac boasts of being a reflection of man’s mastery over time and hence is indeed rare and precious.  An unparalleled range of aromas gives Richard Hennessy its unique complexity.

Price: Rs. 310,290/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -3

4. Camus XO Elegance

This one is a drinker’s delight. Uniquely distilled with the intensity method, selecting the most aromatic litres among the heads during the second distillation, XO is an explosion of lavish fruity notes mingled with spices.

Price: Rs. 16,410/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -4

5. McDowell’s No. 1 VSOP brandy

McDowell’s No.1 VSOP Brandy has to be on the list of best brandy in India. It has a high aroma and unmatched taste making it a highly popular label and has a market share of about 51% in India. In fact, this brandy is the largest selling brandy in the world by volume.

Price: Rs. 450/750ml

ABV: 42.8%

Brandy brands in India -5

6.Golden Grape

Our very own homegrown brand, this is definitely a great option in the affordable range.  It has a special blend of fruits which makes it more appealing to have.

Golden Grape is again affordable liquor for parties and its different taste and unique texture makes it popular among all.

Price: Rs. 250/750ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -6

7.John Exshaw

Made in France, John Exshaw has an aromatic texture with a richness of fruit flavor. It is one of the highest demand for events and parties. Being amongst the best brandy brands in India, it is available adequately in maximum bars and is indeed one of the finest brandies in the world.

Price: Rs. 300/750 ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -7

8. Camus Borderies X.O. Cognac

Camus’ XO Borderies Cognac comes from the wines around the domain’s own estate. This is a powerful, rich and creamy Cognac and definitely one of the best brandy in India

Price: Rs. 19,780/1l

ABV: 40%Brandy brands in India -8

9. Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection 12-Year-Old Cognac

It features unique and extraordinary cognac, representing the perfect time when age and cru meet at the peak of their potential. The Borderies eaux-de-vie develops a certain floral and spicy note after 12 years of aging. And this ends up in a long balanced finish.

Price: Rs. 6,530/70cl

ABV: 41%

Brandy brands in India -9

10. Camus Extra Elegance Cognac

As an exceptional Hors d’Age blend, the Extra Elegance underwent decades of long ageing in the damp and cool cellars of Camus, allowing it to reach its peak quality. The exceptional Eaux-de-vie range between 30 and 50 years, and have been hand-picked for their immense aging potential. Extra Elegance is worthy of a spot in your collection!

Price: Rs. 28000

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 10

11. Mansion House French Brandy

Mansion House is a very popular brandy brand in India. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and is more popular in the southern region. This brandy has smoky notes and this reasonably priced drink can be a star of your next party

Price: Rs. 350/750 ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -11

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12. Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège

Hennessy VSOP Privilège is a well-balanced blend of over 60 eaux-de-vie, matured exclusively in French oak. The palate offers notes of smooth vanilla, cinnamon, candied fruit, crystalised ginger and spicy oak.

Price: Rs. 6580/1l

ABV: 43%

Brandy brands in India -12

13. Otard XO Cognac 1980s

Baron Otard XO Gold is an older member of the Cognac house. Belonging to the ‘Extra Old category of beverages, it is a multi-award winner with a blend of Eaux-de-vie deriving from the exclusive Grande Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois regions. With 50 percent of its Eaux-de-vie coming from the Grande Champagne region, it is created from the finest terroirs in the region and is renowned for its deep golden and vermilion colour following years of careful maturation.

Price: Rs. 1130/70cl

ABV: 41%

Brandy brands in India -13

14. Courvoisier V.S. ‘Artisan Edition’ Double Oak Cognac

It is the youngest quality of the ‘artisan’ range from this cognac giant. It is smooth, yet provides a wonderful freshness of floral and fruity notes.

Price: Rs. 3670/ 1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 14

15. Hennessy V.S

VS is from one of Cognac’s ‘Big Four’ producers. It is popular world over for its elegant style and consistent high quality It is a blend of 40 different Eaux-de-vie selected for their vivacity, for an intense and fruity character with pleasantly oaky notes making it one of the best brandy in India

Price: Rs. 4190/ 1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -15

16. Rémy Martin VSOP

A smooth, fruity VSOP Cognac from Remy Martin, with aromas of vanilla, toasted oak, apricot, baked apple, and white flowers. The palate offers notes of liquorice, dried fruit, baking spices, and ginger.

Price: Rs. 6000/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -16

17. Martell XO

A terrific Cognac from Martell, this is a masterpiece of blending. Rich and with impressive depth, yet still elegant with subtle nuances and delicious texture.

Price: Rs. 15.530/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 17

18. Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

LOUIS XIII Cognac by Rémy Martin, a unique decanter of exquisite luxury cognac that takes generations of cellar masters to craft. This brandy is simply luxury personified.

Price: Rs. 260,610/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 18

19. Martell VSOP

Smooth and mellow, the Martell VSOP Medaillon cognac is the fuit of a perfect blend among the eaux-de-vie from finest terroirs of the Cognac region.

Price: Rs. 6960/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 19

20. Camus V.S. Elegance Cognac

Elegance is the defining characteristic of all CAMUS Cognacs. CAMUS VS Elegance is a careful blend of Eaux-de-vie made from wines distilled without lees.

Price: Rs. 3740/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 20

21. Camus Borderies 2004 Rarissimes

This very limited release from the Camus Rarissimes range is a 2004 vintage Cognac made with Eaux-de-vie from the Borderies region

Price: Rs. 47,780/70cl

ABV: 42.8%

Brandy brands in India -21

22. Baron Otard VSOP Cognac

It is a rich and full-bodied yet elegant cognac that is adored for its green fruit, vanilla and floral flavor note and is one of the best brandy in India.

Price: Rs. 5570/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -22


23. Hine Antique X.O. Grande Champagne Premier Cru Cognac

Blended with eaux-de-vie exclusively from the premier cru, Grande Champagne, this Hine XO Antique Grande Champagne Cognac is innovation, a relic from the times of Georges Hine brought to life for the modern Cognac connoisseur.

Price: Rs. 13,980/70l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India -23

24. Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac

Paradis is an extraordinary expression of pure indulgence, purity, and finesse, with exceptional depth and elegance.

Price: Rs. 87,170/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 24

25. Hine Rare V.S.O.P Fine Champagne Cognac

Hine Rare Fine Champagne is a VSOP Cognac of the highest quality. This Cognac is rich but at the same time extremely gentle drink.

Price: Rs. 6100/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 25

26. Baron Otard XO Gold

It is a blend of Grande Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois Eaux-de-vie. Its roundness reveals a rich harmony of aromas of dawn woodland, with hints of leather.

Price: Rs. 15,750/70cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 26

27. Courvoisier VSOP Cognac

Skilfully crafted by expert blenders, it is a blend of several crus with a balance between the Grande and Petite Champagne and the Fins Bois, which have been selected for their aromatic potential.

Price: Rs. 5140/100cl

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 27

28. Camus VSOP Elegance

Camus VSOP Elegance is made with a combination of Eaux-de-vie from all six of the crus of Cognac.

Price: Rs. 5610/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 28

29.Hennessy X.O

Blended with over 100 Eaux-de-vie from a recipe dating back to 1870, Hennessy X.O. Cognac is the Cadillac of the cognac world. The X.O. namesake stands for extra old due to the extensive aging process, which lasts up to 30 years.

Price: Rs. 15,700/1l

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 29

30. Honey Bee

It is one of the topmost selling brandies in India. Honey Bee brandy is made from local Indian grapes. It has a rich golden hue and warms your body rather quickly

Price: Rs. 450/750ml

ABV: 42.8%

Brandy brands in India 30

31. Dreher

It is preserved in the oak barrels for enriched quality making it one of the best brandy in India. It is distilled and produced with cane sugar and natural vegetable extracts and carries some caramel aftertaste.

Price: Rs. 350/750ml

ABV: 38%

Brandy brands in India 31

32. Old Admiral VSOP Brandy

This indigenous brandy has not only won the hearts of Indians, but it has also been internationally acclaimed.

Price: Rs. 300/750 ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 32

33. Janus brandy

Janus brandy by Sula Vineyards is made of the finest Indian grapes from the Nashik region of Maharashtra.

This brandy has won international accolades and is also exported from India. It has a rich fruity aroma and gives a wonderful warmth.

Price: Rs. 1200/750ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 33

34. Constantino 

Constantino comes from Khoday’s Group of Bangalore. Since it has a nice warming effect hence it is largely consumed in winters.

Price: Rs. 500/750ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 34

35. Morpheus

This brandy contains textures of warm soil and scents as well as the richness of tropical weather. It is matured in oak casks.

Morpheus brandy is a premium brand offering the best quality brandy in India and favorite among discerning drinkers. It has a rich golden hue.

Price: Rs. 800/750ml

ABV: 40%

Brandy brands in India 40

So there you go, a curated list of the best brandy available in India. And incase, brandy is not your poison but beer is, then check this out to fully stock up for your next house party. 

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