10 Best Beard Colours For Men | How To Use Them Effectively

The use of beard colours for men has increased manifold in recent years. Initially, the main purpose of beard dyes was to hide the grey hair in the beard. So, they mostly came in different shades of black. But now with many men starting to venture out into the world beard colouring, beard dyes come in a variety of colours.

A beard is an essential part of men’s fashion and grooming. Many men treasure and take pride in their facial hair. They can go to extreme limits for the maintenance of their beard styles and beard colouring is just one such thing. When the hair in your beard starts turning grey, it might not go well with your style, so, using a beard dye is the best possible option. While many men can pull that grey-haired beard styles, most men simply like to stay on the younger side. Besides, grey hair is not always the reason behind beard colouring. Many men dye their beards with colours to match their hair colour too.

How can beard dyes improve your looks?

Beard colour

Grey hair doesn’t look good on you when you’re a guy in your twenties or thirties. The grey and white hairs in your beard make you look older and you definitely don’t want that. Beard colours for men are some amazing products that can hide those grey strands efficiently for a long. It’s not just for the younger men, but older Indian men are fond of using beard dyes too. Indian dads love colouring their beard with black dyes to subtract some years from their appearance.

General composition of a beard dye

Like hair dyes, beard colours for men are also composed of different chemicals. The basic composition in both the dyes is the same. But since you’ll be applying beard dye on your face, the sensitivity of the skin changes, and thus, beard dyes special ingredients to tackle that problem.

Usually, the conventional chemicals used in most of the beard colours are ammonia, ethanolamine, resorcinol, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), and lead acetate. Additionally, different brands will have their special ingredients to add to the composition too.

The ammonia and ethanolamine are the chemicals responsible for opening the hair cuticles that starts the process of beard colouring. The concentration of the other chemicals is different in different products as they individually facilitate different types of colouring.

How to use apply a beard dye

  • Wash your beard before applying the dye to remove the natural oils. The natural oils of the hair will not let the beard colour settle down in the desired manner.
  • Next, apply some vaseline or mineral oil around the beard area to avoid the colour to leak into the skin.
  • Now prepare the solution as instructed in the manual. Make sure you mix all the ingredients well and form a uniformly thick paste.
  • Before you start applying the beard dye, it’s better to do a sensitivity test. Try putting a small amount of the prepared solution on a small area of your skin for some time. Look out for any irritation or pain. If there are no such signs, you are good to go.
  • Apply the paste on your beard evenly and wait for the given amount of time.
  • After that rinse slowly to remove the dye from your beard. You might want to use a sulfate-free shampoo after rinsing the beard to stop the chemical reactions completely.
  • Tap the beard with a towel to dry it.

Advantages of using beard colours

  • You will be able to hide the grey strands of hair in your beard.
  • As an older man, using a beard colour will make you look younger.
  • Beard dyes don’t cost much and you can color your beard easily at home too.

Disadvantages of using beard colours

  • Once you start dying your beard, you’ll have to continue doing it every time your beard grows longer.
  • The chemicals present in the dyes give out an odor that you must deal with it during the application and for a few days post-application.
  • The chemicals might cause ratches and other skin issues.

10 Best beard colours for men

Here is a list of 10 best beard colours for men for you to choose from.

1. Bigen Men’s Beard Color

Beard colour
Bigen Men’s Beard Color

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Bigen Men’s Beard Color leaves no stains and perfectly covers gray without staining your skin. It comes with a fast touch comb which makes application easy. It can be applied to any part of the beard or mustache even in short beard styles. The product comes in different colours. The available colours are natural black, brown black, and black brown.

Cost of the product: Rs. 365.00

Pros: The product comes with natural aloe and olive oils that soothe the skin. Besides, the prepared paste does not drip after application which makes the process less messy.

Cons: The quantity is less.

2. Bigen Men’s Speedy Color

Beard colour
Bigen Men’s Speedy Color

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Bigen Men’s Speedy Color is the solution for men’s gray to carry out a stylish look. It consists of three conditioning ingredients. These ingredients give your hair gloss and moisture. The glycine present in the product is one protein substance. It helps to protect the hair and decrease hair damage caused by the use of beard colouring products. The product comes in three colours – natural black, dark brown, and black-brown.

Cost of the product: Rs. 365.00

Pros: It is easy to use at home. The product comes with a comb to make the experience better.

Cons: The colour might wear off if not applied properly.

3. Just for Men Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache and Beard

Beard colour
Just for Men Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache and Beard

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The product is specially formulated for facial hair. It penetrates coarse and resistant facial hair to give good results. The solution does not drip and conditions and softens as it colours. It perfectly matches your natural hair colour with a wide range of colours to choose from. Just for Men is a popular beard dye brand on which you can rely on.

Cost of the product: Rs. 995.00

Pros: It contains no ammonia. The special long-lasting formula sticks to the hair until the new hair starts growing.

Cons: The product is very expensive when compared to others in the same category.

4. Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Color

Beard Colour
Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Color

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This product is aimed at men who wants a natural touch to their gray hair. Designed specifically for coarser facial hair, Just For Men Touch Of Gray Mustache and Beard gets rid of some gray, but not all. It’s gentle and long lasting with no ammonia or peroxide.

Cost of the product: Rs. 1,098.00

Pros: It does what it is supposed to do, i.e., it evens the colour of your beard.

Cons: It requires repeated use to achieve desired results. The product is very expensive.

5. Just For Men M55 Real Black Hair Color

Beard colour
Just For Men M55 Real Black Hair Color

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Just For Men Mustache and Beard hair color brings out the best in your facial hair. Your facial hair looks fuller, more even, and well-groomed as you get rid of the shabby look of gray facial hairs. The fast and easy brush-in gel works in 5 minutes making the whole process less time-consuming. The ammonia-free formula is made specifically to penetrate and condition coarse facial hair. It contains protein, Vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile that nourishes your hair while you colour.

Cost of the product: Rs. 1,200.00

Pros: It spreads evenly over your beard to give an even colour.

Cons: The product is very expensive.

6. Organic Essentials Indigo Powder For Hair & Beard Dye

Organic Essentials Indigo Powder For Hair & Beard Dye

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Organic Essential’s Powder – Pure and Herbal Indigo is a natural dye used to colour your hair and beard naturally with or without Henna. It is a safer alternative to chemical-based beard dyes. A base coat of Henna and a second coat of this product gives a lasting natural black colour.

Cost of the product: Rs. 216.00

Pros: The natural ingredients present in the product are very safe. It can be a good choice for people with skin allergies.

Cons: The product is not as effective as chemical-based products.

7. Beardo Beard Color For Men – Natural Black 

Beardo Beard Color For Men – Natural Black

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Beardo beard colour has been specially formulated to be applied to facial hair. It is safe as it is ammonia-free and doesn’t have harsh chemicals that stain or damage the skin. The product comes with a non-drip formula that prevents making the process too messy.

Cost of the product: Rs. 383.00

Pros: The product comes with sufficient quantity. It gives a natural shade to your beard.

Cons: The colour might stick to your skin if not used properly.

8. Colorina Men’s Beard Color, Natural Black 101

Colorina Men’s Beard Color, Natural Black 101

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Colorina beard color blackens your beard and mustache hair in just 5 minutes that lasts for at least 3-4 weeks. This product eliminates the fear of carcinogens using hair dye product and this latest high-tech blackening color formula contains nontoxic substances and has no side effects on your facial skin.

Cost of the product: Rs. 325.00

Pros: The product does not stick to the skin after use.

Cons: The paste can be a bit greasy.

9. Vegetal Organic Beard Hair Dye For Men

Vegetal Organic Beard Hair Dye For Men

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The product is made of natural herbs and extracts like indigo, shikakai, brahmi, manjistha, and many more. It gives a lustrous natural shade to your beard and mustache and offers maximum grey hair coverage.

Cost of the product: Rs. 258.00

Pros: The product does not contain any chemical products making it suitable for people with certain allergies.

Cons: It takes a lot of time to dry after application.

10. Natural Health and Herbal Products Indigo Powder For Hair & Beard Dye

Natural Health and Herbal Products Indigo Powder For Hair & Beard Dye

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When used with natural henna powder the product gives a dark brown to shiny black colour. The nutrients in indigo help to promote hair growth, preventing premature greying of hair and dandruff. It is free of chemicals and is safe to use for people who are sensitive and allergic to hair dyes.

Cost of the product: Rs. 289.00

Pros: There are no side-effects to this product.

Cons: For best results, the product needs to be used multiple times.


  • Beard dyes are composed of chemicals. Thus, frequent use of beard dyes is not at all advisable as it might harm your skin.
  • Choosing the right beard dye for yourself is important. Check the chemical composition before buying one to avoid any mishaps.
  • While applying beard dyes, take all the safety measures like using gloves, application of vaseline around the beard area, etc. It’s always wise to be cautious.

Beard dyes are essential grooming products for men. But there are several other grooming products that you must own as a man. Here is a list of 30 Best Men’s Grooming Products That You Must Use to help you choose from.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you think we have missed out on anything please let us know in the comments below.

Happy beard colouring to you!

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