20+ Super Cool Beard Styles Pictures You Need To See Now

Beards, in general, were historically viewed as signs of honor, being cut only to punish men. And with the change in times, it has made way back in trends. From Cricketers to Bollywood celebs, no one can resist that gutsy trend to avoid but follow. So just to keep you in touch with the current affairs, here’s a range beard styles pictures you should probe into right now:

1. Full Beard Style

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With new times emerging, it has set a welcoming tone for Full Beard to make way back into the trends. The style of making a statement of manliness is what many people crave for.

2. Balbo Beard

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Coming from an Italian henchman aka Italo Balbo, this style is creating ripples in modern times. It shapes gradually and requires patience, playing along the jaw-line.

3. Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard Style
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Pull down the anchors and brace yourself for the new iconic style. It’s clearly carved out in an anchor shape with the lower beard and held firmly with a moustache.

4. Goatee

Goatee Beard Style
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Goatee beard concerns mainly with the hairs below your lip. The bottom of the goatee is rounded off. The perky line, it is suitable to most of the shapes.

5. Extended Goatee

 extended goatee beard
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As its name suggests, this style is like the goatee, except for the sides. They are extended along the lower jaw line, which elongates the face making it look oval.

6. French Beard

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French Beards, obviously the most popular style in France for centuries. They are really getting popular in men with the benefits of low maintenance and a handsome look.

7. Van Dyke Beard

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Van Dyke is basically a combination of a goatee and a mustache. There are no definite shape or length constraints, assuring more variety and flexibility in the look.

8. Short Boxed Beard

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Box Beard style is the light alternative to the full beard style. It brings a neat and clean facade. Most of the young guys are choosing this beard style to look younger then they are.

9. Circle Beard

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Circle beard is more of a sophisticated tone and seems vital in your stylish prospects. Rowing altogether between a clean shaved and bearded look, it taps uniqueness to the face.

10. Chevron Beard

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Anyone can grow chevron, it doesn’t discriminate! This facial hair style means covers your whole top lips and mouth. It’s actually sharper and angled than other styles.

11. Day Stubble Beard

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A slight stubble can issue you the strong and manly look. There is a whole range of them to take trials and come up with the best one.

12. Mutton Chops Beard

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Remember this X-Man look, well that’s exactly you will have after chopping those muttons. It gives you a stand-alone in crowd opportunity and no wonder who’s the talking point.

13. Chin Strap Beard

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If you like to keep short and trimmed, this beard might serve well. It is more accurate for those persons with oval shape face and provides more solid and a respectable look.

14. The 5 O’clock Shadow Beard

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The 5 O’ Clock brings more charm without some heavy beard. It will add style to one’s personality within a moment albeit you need to be regular in grooming.

15. Royale Beard

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Going for a royal look, royale is for you. All it demands is a blend of anchored mustache and chin strap and guess what you’re up for the royale beard.

16. Ducktail Beard

As the name suggests, we’re going for the tail. The ducktail is fuller than a regular beard, and it gives a view as if it converges down to the middle.

17. Hollywoodian Beard

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Having one of its own vintage looks, representing a combination of two styles, such as full beard and boxed beard. It focuses more on your chin and looks great if you have a square face.

18. Dutch Beard


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It’s an old-school beard style without a mustache. An important tip is that the cheeks are covered, whereas the chin is shaven.

19. The Razors Edge Beard

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One of the cleanest long beard styles that are growing in popularity this year. The boundary of the entire beard is trimmed with clean sharp lines.

20. Clear Outline Beard

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The big attraction to the clear outline beard style is the minimal work involved to maintain a killer look. The beard is left to grow as long and as wild as you desire, and trimming accordingly.

21. Boy Goatee

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If you are that innocent-pretty lad, give it a shot. Rather than a wide thick area of facial hair, the goatee is trimmed here, giving a light beard exposure.

24. Tapper Beard

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A look that goes downwards in a tapering manner and can be adjusted according to your choice. And tapering will need certain accessories and better you should be prepared for them.

22. Hipster Beard

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The hipster beard is a big trendsetter and is not going out for a while. This style of beard is long and full and dives into a more rugged look.

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No matter which of the beard types you choose, you can care for it by keeping it washed with mild shampoo, as beards can be popular havens for infection-causing bacteria. If the proper and optimum care is taken, every style is hot and perfect in its own. Just do it.  Happy Bearding!

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