Bald Shaming Is Not Cool And It Needs To Be Stopped

Let’s be honest, our country is filled with hypocrites. There are people who preach self-acceptance and self love. They will say “you are amazing just the way you are, accept yourself blah blah blah, but you know what? change yourself”. Seriously ever thought when you are teaching that it doesn’t matter what colour you are, you are beautiful just the way you are and then you have commercials like how be fair in a month. People still raise their voice against Racism, Body shaming and other issues but one thing that no one realizes is how bad is bald shaming. Thought only girls are judged by the society on the basis of how they look? No boys get a fair share too. It’s time that people realize Bald Shaming Is Not Cool And It Needs To Stopped.

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If you have watched Bala which released last year. It was close enough portrayal of what a bald man faces in Indian society. If you are educated, self-dependent and a nice person it doesn’t matter, all a girl will notice is how charming you look. The lead character played by Ayushmann faces a lot of criticism and eventually decides to wear a wig and woo a girl. But is left  by his wife after she gets to know he is bald, stating that looks are a deal breaker in a marriage. Because apparently how much hair you have on your head says how young you are. Seriously how? Well the movie ends beautifully as Bala comes in terms with his baldness and learns to embrace it.

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Balding gets common with age, after certain age you start shedding hair. But what doesn’t get common is people realizing that it is a natural process. Bald men are often targeted for comic relief and it is not at all funny. In the age where men get roasted a lot for balding, comics and advertisements stating that balding is bad and ways such as hair implantation. They do nothing but raise the insecurities of men.

bald shaming needs to be stopped
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Therefore I repeat Bald Shamming is not at all cool and it needs to be stopped at all costs. And if you are worried about your receding hair don’t worry here are some cool  Hairstyles for Balding Men.

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