7 Golden Tips And Tricks To Master The Art Of Small Talk

No one likes to be the loner in a house party. Even if you are the introverted kind, you’ll feel left out if you don’t interact with the people there. And the most important skill that helps you survive in a party full of strangers is small talk.

Many of us don’t like small talks, especially introverts. But they are literally the driving force of any conversation! If you happen to master the art of small talk, you’ll soon find yourself in the centre of every party you attend.

Here are a 7 tips to master this art and attract people like a pro.

1. No Room For Anxieties

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Don’t let your nerves reach your mind. It’s okay to take to the initiative in a conversation. Relax, the person in front is not going to eat you alive! Calm your nervous conscience and start with something smooth. A friendly “Hello” with a sleek smile is never a bad way to start a conversation. Throughout the conversation, don’t let the person in front see your nervous anxiety. Hold it back until you start feeling comfortable. After some minutes of healthy interaction, you’ll stop feeling nervous and can let your guard down.

2. Be Positive

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Negative thoughts tend to come true. Although I have no valid explanation for that it is somehow a true fact. So, get some happy thoughts before starting the conversation. If you already think that you’ll bore the other person, you probably will. If you have already pictured the person in front of you too different from you to talk, even if he isn’t, he will seem different when you actually start the talking. Be hopeful and optimistic. I’m pretty sure this will help you in almost every case.

3. Don’t Make Those Foolish Assumptions

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Some people have a not so approachable appearance, but that’s just how they look, chances are, you might find your next best friend in them. Don’t go on making pointless assumptions and find excuses to avoid meeting new people.

4. Keep Some Go-To Questions In Mind

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You have started the conversation by introducing yourself, good. Now, you need to keep the conversation going. Whenever you feel like the conversation is getting boring or there are uncomfortable pauses in between, you need to use your go-to questions then. Keep some applicable to all kind of questions in mind. For example, “How’s work these days?” This will keep the conversation going and sage you from the piercing silence.

5. Show Some Interest

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People like to speak their heart out when they listen attentively with genuine interest. Show interest when the other person is speaking and keep encouraging them to speak more. The art of small lies in being a good listener.

6. The Exit Plan

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You must exit as smoothly as you’ve slipped into a conversation. You can’t abruptly leave in the middle of a conversation, that’d be extremely rude. After the conversation has lasted for a considerable amount of time, you must make a smooth exit plan. Take leave with phrases like “Let’s meet some other time.” This will leave a lasting good impression on their minds.

7. Be Yourself!

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The most important thing, be yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to look cool. If a person doesn’t like the real you, it’s better to not mix with them.

I hope these tips will help you start a conversation easily with anyone and show how wonderful a person you are.

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