10 Stand-up Comedians Of India Who Quit Their Jobs For Bringing Us Laughter

It takes much courage and enthusiasm to land yourself in 5-6 digit salaried job. But what happens after that? What about your passion and the life that you dreamt of living. The 9-5 Job wears you out and the only thing that keeps you going are the bills that you need to pay. But then there are some people who are brave enough to quit their jobs and follow their passion. Here is a compilation of 10 stand-up comedians of India, who make us laugh and keep themselves happy too by following what they love.

The Mast Admi-Biswa Kalyan Rath

He was first seen in Kanan Gill’s Youtube channel “Pretentious Movie Reviews”. Those videos became very popular and since then Biswa never looked back. However, to achieve this much fame and love from people, he had to give up his Well paying Job at Oracle. Oh, and I forgot to mention he is an ex-IITian too!

Biswa Kalyan Rath
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The Ladies Man- Kanan Gill

As mentioned in the previous para, Kanan started out his comedy career from the Youtube Channel. But in the journey of becoming one of the best stand-up comedians of India, he had to give up the fancy job. He was working as a software engineer is Exeter Group Inc.

Kanan Gill
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Horny Sindhi- Atul Khatri

Some people seek relief from monotony and that’s when passion strikes them. Atul Khatri used to work at a very well paying job at Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited. He started off by writing jokes on Facebook and later joined EIC, the busiest comedy group in India.

Atul Khatri
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Kal ye Udega- Rahul Subramanian

Before he started his ‘flight’ towards success, he was working as a marketing manager for the automotive conglomerate Mahindra Rise. Then, nobody knew him, but he kept trying and did stand up comedy at various gigs and laughter clubs to rise to fame. Today his name shines in the list of stand-up comedians of India.

Rahul Subramanian
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Our Paaji- Jaspreet Singh

Our sweet and funny paaji never fails to make us laugh. I truly enjoy his very relatable content which he converts into jokes. He was working full time in the IT industry before he took the plunge in the world of stand up comedy.

Jaspreet Singh
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Aise Kaise?- Kumar Varun 

He is an Engineer turned IT guy turned MBA turned Brand Manager turned Stand-up comedian of India. He never fails to entertain and is commendable at what he does.

Kumar Varun
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Man’s best friend- Abish Mathew

Who doesn’t remember his hilarious acting from AIB’s comedy video: “A Man’s Best Friend”? He was a well paid RJ at Red FM until his urge to do something different, and love for comedy made him quit his job and follow his dreams. Today he is one of the best stand-up comedians of India. He has his own Talk show called Son of Abish.

Abish Mathew
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Mr. Bean Fan- Naveen Richard

Comedy is more or less in all of us. But it is a matter of dreams and passion for some. Stand-Up comedy Had a great impact on a lawyer named Naveen Richard. We all love his jokes and the way he makes us relate to simpler things.

Naveen Richard
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Anshu Mor

Hold on to your seats for this man. I mean his jokes will surely make you fall from your seats but his previous work life will make you dizzy. He started off with ABB Instrumentations in the export division and later moved over to tech role at Tata Telecom. Afterward tried his hands at a startup but went bust. Fate made him move to Bangalore where he joined MCI WorldCom (now Verizon) doing pre-sales and sales for 4 years. Then he joined Microsoft and spent 11 years in various roles across Enterprise Sales (Business Dev, Sales, and Strategic Alliances). After 6 years in enterprise sales, he thought to try out consumer business so jumped over to head the Xbox business at MS, which was the last position I held till the time he left in January 2016. Long list eh? Huffff…

Anshu Mor
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Neeti Palta

Let’s end this article with this gorgeous and hilarious woman Neeti Palta. She started her career in advertising and she tells us that she was among the top of her league as a senior art director at JWT. But she didn’t find it fulfilling and move out of advertising and jumped into the world of writing scripts for television and movies. She wrote episodes for ‘Galli Galli Sim Sim’ when the popular children’s TV show ‘Sesame Street’ arrived in India. Neeti did the show for four years until she left.

Neeti Palta
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