10 Beer Brands In India with Price Under Rs 150

What could be better than a chilling beer to chill out eh! It is not a drink that you can substitute for anything else. Are you crazy about beer or thinking about trying it for the first time? Here, keeping the love for beer in mind is a list of 10 delicious beer brands in India with a price under 150 bucks. These are listed randomly without any subjective preference because each is worth a try.

1. Kingfisher

Beer brands in India with price
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Of course, Kingfisher has to be here. It is an Indian brand, well marketed, and its flavor suits all. Its watery texture just slips right down there in the pit of satisfaction. One of the best beer brands in India with a price that is another reason to fall in love with it.

Price: Rs. 85 for a 330ml bottle

2. The Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer

People have mixed feelings when it comes to this drink. Some find it catching them off guard while others consider it just fine.

Price: Rs. 65 for a 330ml bottle

3. Miller High Life

Beer brands in India
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Want a smooth beer with a light smell to quench your thirst with ease? Try this.

Price: Rs.90 for a 330ml bottle

4. Knockout Refreshing Strong

Beer brands in India with price
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Check out that knock out kick for yourself. It is said that it soothes the tongue so well!

Price: Rs. 70 for a 330ml bottle.

5. Peroni Nastro Azzurro Birra

This one has a very deep personality when it comes to its smell. If you want a great smelling beer, then this one would be highly subjective.

Price: Rs. 130 for a 330ml bottle

6. Bira

Let your tongue fulfill its desires. Your taste buds would swell in bliss to make you say I am proud to be an Indian. This masterpiece definitely deserves a good long sip. Beware! you might fall in love! It is another one of the best beer brands in India with a price that is totally justified.

Price: Rs. 110 for a 330ml bottle

7. Budweiser

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You and your best Bud will share a lot of moments together. You will cherish those little sips, your quality time will be long and charismatic. Be sure to take an extra bottle just in case you finish one too quickly.

Price: Rs. 100 for a 330ml bottle

8. Carlsberg

Its got to be the best in the world right? Probably? Well, it’s worth a shot to try right? Let us know in the comments.

Price: Rs. 90 for a 330ml bottle

9. Tuborg

This one is like a ninja. Cool and shaded, ever present. Tuborg demands its love. Are you ready?

Price: Rs. 80 for a 330ml bottle

10. Heineken Beer

It is another all-rounder that would pull its punches at you knocking you off your feet.

Great taste! What else is there to say? Go grab one it is easier to find.

Price: Rs. 115 for a 330ml bottle.

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